NationStates ~ Asia Region

NationStates ~ Asia Region
Asian Map

Welcome to the Asia Region.
Asia is the planet's largest continent, containing 30% of the planet's landmass, and includes a multiplicity of countries and assorted island dependencies. Asia believes in home rule and accommodates nation states with widely varying social, economic, religious and political philosophies.

Map by The Democratic Federation of Cielonia

Satellite Asia Map

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- The Asian Institute of Cartography, based of course at Shindra Kelal University in Arceline, maintains this map. -

Map Guidelines -
How to get on the map:

  1. Find an empty territory on the map, corresponding to the numeric marker, which suits your needs.
  2. Telegram the Democratic Federation of Cielonia on NationStates and request that territory number. Do not post your request on the RMB. Requests on the RMB will be ignored.
  3. When the DFC can find the time, you'll be added to the regional map.

The rules of the map:
  1. If your nation is a member of the World Assembly, in order to be on the map you must endorse the current World Assembly delegate. Requests from WA nations who have not endorsed the delegate will be ignored. WA nations who withdraw their endorsement of the delegate will be removed from the map until such time as they do endorse the delegate.
  2. Nations just joining Asia are allowed to pick three contiguous plots of land - that is, three that touch each other - as their base. Nations may also choose to outline a specific shape that does not correspond to the plots, though this tends to be reserved for nations with a specific RP concept already in mind.
  3. Expansion is permitted but will generally not be granted until you've been in Asia over three months and/or have accumulated a population over 500 million.
  4. Requests for expansion will be judged based on a combination of your population size, the biomes of your current plots of land, and how active you've been in the region.
  5. You may not come in with several nations in a block and collude to claim numerous contiguous territories with the intention of forming an instant geographical alliance.
  6. You may not claim land currently held by another nation.
  7. If you leave the region or cease to exist, unless you return promptly or notify Cielonia ahead of time, your lands will be rendered neutral and put up for grabs.
  8. Second nations will be permitted only in extenuating circumstances, based on the following criteria: a. You must have been in Asia long enough to earn the region's trust; b. you must be highly active in the RP community; and c) your primary nation must cease all expansion. This will be judged on a case-by-case basis. All second nations must be disclosed to the cartographer. If any player is found with two nations on the map who has not disclosed their identity or met these criteria, all of that player's nations will be permanently removed from the map.


Asian Map

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